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 Rules - Please Read Before Posting!

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PostSubject: Rules - Please Read Before Posting!   Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:07 am

Please follow these rules to make the forums a better place for everyone. Also, please check back periodically, as there may be additions and/or changes to the rules. The rules are subject to change without notice.

1. Do not spam. The exception is the Longest Thread Ever in the Off Topic forum. This includes very short posts that contribute little to nothing to the thread. Please think over if your post is worthwhile before you post.

2. Use correct grammar and spelling rules. We may have users from around the world using translators to understand your posts, and this cannot happen if you don't spell correctly. Try to keep your thread names clear, specific, and understandable as well.

3. Please refrain from overuse of curse words and also from bypassing the wordfilters, which we have for a reason--we have young audiences here and do not want to subject them to older audience environments.

4. Do not talk about, post, or link others to sexual or pornographic content.

5. Refrain from flaming or insulting others. Having a positive attitude will make the forums a happier place to visit and will improve the game as well.

6. Do not post anything about illegal matters.

7. Refrain from double posting. If you have something to say and you were the last to respond in a thread, please edit it into your last post. If the thread hasn't been posted in for three days or longer and the thread is in the second page or further, you may double post. This goes for all threads, minus the Longest Thread Ever.

8. Please do not mini-mod. This means telling others the rules and/or telling them to follow them. You can report users in their posts, and let a moderator or admin take care of them. If you have any specific issues, you may send a mod or an admin a private message.

9. Do not control multiple accounts. One person is entitled to one account. Any accounts created after a ban will be banned.

10. Do not talk about hacking Transformice. We do not promote hacking. We want the game to be fair, fun, and insane for everyone. Hacking takes this fun away. Hackers will jump to the cheese and head for the exit to get firsts. Sharing how to do this is not permitted.

11. Do not troll.

12. Members must listen to moderators. Moderators must listen to administrators. Discussion over situations is encouraged. The admin's say is final.

13. Have fun discussing this amazingly crazy MMO game!

Any questions about or suggestions for these rules should go in the 'Forum Rules' thread in the Suggestions forum.

One last thing, here's info describing red text.

tl;dr Version:

1. Do not spam.

2. Good Grammar and Spelling.

3. Do not curse.

4. No pornography.

5. No flaming.

6. Nothing illegal.

7. Do not double post.

8. Do not mini-mod.

9. No multiple accounts.

10. No discussions on hacking Transformice.

11. Do not troll.

12. Members < Moderators < Admins.

13. Have fun!
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Posts : 1332
Join date : 2010-07-13
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: Rules - Please Read Before Posting!   Wed Mar 02, 2011 10:56 pm

The rules have been slightly altered.

Links to other sites supporting Transformice (this rule allowed are now allowed.
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Rules - Please Read Before Posting!
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