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 Transformice Article

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PostSubject: Transformice Article   Wed Feb 02, 2011 12:38 am

Teamwork enters the Gaming World
By Zach Case
Info From:

As the saying goes, “It’s my way or the highway” does not apply to this European game called “Transformice”. Transformice is a team building game in which you control a single mouse. The goal of the game is to obtain a piece of cheese and return to the hole in the allowed time frame. However this is a catch, each round a new “Shaman” is picked to help all the mice get the cheese in a variety of different puzzle maps. A Shaman is different then regular mice because they have special powers to summon different objects that, if used correctly, can help ALL your mice get the cheese and successfully make it back to the hole.
Transformice was developed in France by Tigrounette and Mélanie Christin. They both wrote the game in Actionscript 3.0, used Adobe Flash for the graphics, and Box2DFlashAS3 for the in-game physics. When developing the game the two developers had an idea. They wanted to make a game that would use team work to finish each level/round. In the early years of the concept “Aaaah!” was created. It was a similar game to Transformice. Aaaah! included the same team work idea that Transformice uses today, but there were no mice, items to spawn, or special character clothes. Instead, there were just stick figures and the player with the most points was chosen to draw a path that would allow all the players to finish to round successfully. Then came “Fish”, this game was also developed by the same people, and it resembles Transformice a lot closer. In Fish you could spawn items, that are similar to the ones in Transformice, to help finish the round. Then, on May 1, 2010, Transformice was released to the public.
The concept of having to collect cheese and bring it back to the hole is fine and dandy, but what is your motivation of doing so? Well, the cheese you collect in each round is a form of in-game currency. The way you make money in the game is simple! All you have to do is successfully collect the cheese and bring it back to the hole, (the room has to have 1+ other mice in the room in order for the cheese to be added to your account). You are allowed to buy many things with your cheese. For example, cheese is mainly used to purchase new hats and/or accessories for your mouse to show off during a game. You are also allowed to use your cheese to buy a Tribe.
A Tribe is Transformice’s form of a Guild. In order to make one you must purchase one for 500 cheese, or be invited to join one. Some perks of joining/owning a Tribe is that it allows you to quickly see and/or join a tribe member’s room. Gives you another chat mode, in which, only your Tribe members can read what you say, even if they are in different rooms! Another bonus of owning a tribe is that a moderator is able to create a room just for your tribe to practice in or just have fun!
No matter what kind of concept or idea the developers have for the game, the gameplay must be solid! Transformice has a very stable interface in my opinion. You are able to find/use everything quickly and efficiently. There is even an in-game tutorial for new players that explains how to use the Shaman to its full extent, and just how the game works. The community that plays the game is awesome for the most part. You are able to find groups that are there to help others and to enjoy the game. And example of this is Http:// that is an English Transformice/Minecraft community that is very helpful and even has its own in-game tribe!
For anybody that wants to try a new game, with a brand new concept of gaming. I highly recommend trying Transformice. This game has a different feel too to and many game modes and strategies that will help you out and keep you interest for day on end. For more information on Transformice, please visit their homepage: Http:// or their forums:
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PostSubject: Re: Transformice Article   Mon Feb 07, 2011 3:05 am

That is a really good article. I salute your writing skills.
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PostSubject: Re: Transformice Article   Mon Feb 07, 2011 7:38 am

Vaarsivius wrote:
That is a really good article. I salute your writing skills.

Ditto. That was REALLY good. Nice work! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Transformice Article   

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Transformice Article
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