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 The Room of Baffbot

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PostSubject: The Room of Baffbot   Sun May 15, 2011 11:42 pm

EDIT: I have updated this page. Record: 9:19 PM PST. October 26, 2011.

On a side note, why don't you give me a call on either of these IGNS?

Minecraft: Ekinezumi
Transformice: Chigatana
Steam: [TCats] Scootadrumstick
League of Legends: Uzikz

What is room baffbot?

A place where mice can listen to music while they gather cheese and play some minigames along the way. The music is played by a bot named Baffbot. The room's population mostly ranges from 18ish in the evenings to 50+ in the weekends and daytime. Most people are people who visit, but there are some people who regular this place. The reason why people mostly visit this place is because mice can request music.

But who is Baffbot?

Baffbot (a.k.a. Baffy) is a bot who was created by Baffler. His origins are in the French server. However, I have no information on who the original bot was and who made this original bot. Baffbot's abilities are playing a wide catalog of music chosen by the mice of the room, playing minigames, and randomly dancing for some reason. (He used to follow mice though, I don't know why he doesn't now.)

How do we request and add songs? Where can we find the list of playable music?

To request a song, you have to input a code into the chat. At the site where the list is located, each song has a code next to it, e.g. /c Baffbot song 1238. You highlight this and paste it into the chat. Enter it, and the song will be submitted into Baffbot's playlist. You can see Baffbot's playlist by typing /c Baffbot playlist. If the song is already being played, in the playlist already, or requested twice within a sixty-minute time period, an error message by Baffbot will be sent to you, stating why it cannot be played.

As of a few months ago, you are now able to add songs to the catalog and play them! Use the command /c Baffbot addsong [url to the song here] without the brackets. The catch with this is that the song you are trying to add is already in an .mp3 format. Here's an example. Also, once you're done uploading the music, go here to find your song.

There's a site I found where you can upload songs in the kind of format the example is. Click here!

You mentioned that Baffbot played minigames earlier. What are these minigames?

Baffbot can play a lot of minigames. A LOT.

The building game consists of two vertical lanes, one having cheese and one containing the hole. You have two items to get to both: small box and invisismall box. Cooperate with others to get to the cheese!
(Seems to broken for a while.)

The bomb games consist mostly avoiding bombs that can KO you. There are two kinds. The first one is where the bombs are launched with no sign of where they will strike. They are launched straight up into the air by intervals of 3-4 seconds. The second one is where bombs will be launched with arrows indicating where they will strike. You are to avoid where these arrows are. Both kinds of minigames are hosted on those flat maps that say "Baffbot has stolen the cheese! GET HER!"

The cannonball games consist of mostly...cannonballs. Like the bomb games, there are two kinds. One is where you will have to avoid Baffbot's pattern of cannonballs to get the cheese. The other kind is where you will have to eliminate the other mice to get the cheese. This kind will only allow one mouse to be victorious.

The balloon games are where you get to fly! Fly high, fly low with your trusty balloons. Baffbot hosts these games on certain user-created maps and default maps. To get a balloon, jump and press down. If you press the right buttons, you can move left and right while being held by a balloon.

A few months ago, three more minigames were introduced. These are conjuration, spirit, and portal minigames. The conjuration minigame uses the original conjuration maps, only mice can conjure this time at a 5-second cooldown. The spirit minigame involves mice using timed spirits to get to the cheese. The portal minigame involves portals. You'll have to find out yourself. :)

In the time of mid-Augustish, Baffbot now plays two more minigames. One is a minigame that seems to be impossible: you have to get through ice barriers while avoiding bombs and boxes (with visible signs that you can see of course) and a blue moving portal, which if you enter, you die because the other end is at the bottom of the screen. The other minigame is a little copycat minigame where you have to mimic Baffbot's emoticons. Pay attention closely and follow Baffbot's movements, whether it's kissing, dancing, sleeping, or stomping in anger. As of several weeks ago, the old map was replaced by a new, brightfully decorated map. Anyone who follows 6 or more directions gets cheese. ^_^

Have maps for new minigames or new ideas for some? Click here. Also, the official thread is here but it seems to be outdat---oh wait that's the first post, you're going to have to look at the recent posts for updates. :\

Other things that you have to say?

Baffbot now has three rooms: baffbot, baffbot2, baffbot3! Baffbot12 manages baffbot, Baffbot17 manages baffbot2, and Baffbot3 manages baffbot3. And yes, they all have numbers.

Don't spam. You can be muted for an hour, if Baffler is present. Also, people HATE it. (Except me. =P) Certain triggers are Nyan Cat.



Bombs. Bombs. Bombs. Survive 55 second of bombs and Baffbot will appear to give you your cheese.

The balloon minigame in Baffler's new alternate room, baffbot2.

Baffbot knows where you are.

Careful! Make sure you are at the right angle when you get spirited in this dangerous minigame.

...and the winner for this survivor minigame is Westbomber!

Another balloon map.

Another survivor map. On this map, it is possible to get cheese and make it without winning.


Now that you know the basics of this room, go there and enjoy the chaotic nature of Transformice to the fullest! /room baffbot, I'll see you there!

Keep watching this thread. Baffler seems to be adding more to his adored and famous bot and I will edit my post to keep the information here as reliable as possible. Stay tuned folks!

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PostSubject: Re: The Room of Baffbot   Wed May 25, 2011 9:29 pm

never seen it. DO WANT NOW.
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PostSubject: Re: The Room of Baffbot   Wed May 25, 2011 10:55 pm

pokecatch wrote:
never seen it. DO WANT NOW.

Maybe you were on while the bot wasn't there...
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PostSubject: Re: The Room of Baffbot   Thu Jun 02, 2011 9:27 pm

Sounds awesome, going to try it now
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PostSubject: Re: The Room of Baffbot   Fri Jun 03, 2011 10:28 am

Note that new maps have been added.
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PostSubject: Re: The Room of Baffbot   

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The Room of Baffbot
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