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 Minecraft Skin Viewer

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PostSubject: Minecraft Skin Viewer   Sat Apr 20, 2013 3:07 pm

Not a mod per se, but if map generators can go in here, this can go in here.

Minecraft Skin Viewer

It's pretty basic - all you do is start it up, type in a username, and you'll be able to see their skin. So if I go on and type in BaronVonGikkigen, this will come up:

(Critiques on my skin are also accepted in this thread)

And typing in Notch would come up with Notch's skin, jeb_ would be Jeb's, etc.

You can also have the skin put in different positions, move the limbs and watch them do the walking animation (at different speeds as well).
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Minecraft Skin Viewer
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