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 Text Battle - Version 2

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PostSubject: Text Battle - Version 2   Text Battle - Version 2 EmptySat Feb 26, 2011 11:44 pm


This game underwent way too many changes for there not to be a new thread. The other thread will be locked for now.

I will be focusing on keeping the game balanced. So far, I believe I've done a good job of this. However, there can always be improvements.

Play my game and give me feedback. I want to make it fun!

I'd appreciate different "sets" that you come up with. Here's a template.

Name of Class
-Command 1
-Command 2
-Command 3
-Command 4
Description of how the set works.

49 Atk/2 Def/49 Spe
-Speed Ram
-Venom Bite
-Rampage/Wall Burst
Choose one of the two stat-increasing moves, and choose the appropriate move (Accelerate and Speed Ram, or Rampage and Venom Bite). Speed Ram will net you more damage, but if you feel lucky, you can use Venom Bite to potentially infect your opponent. If you don't care for the extra power behind Rampage, you can replace it with Wall Burst to take down annoying Barricades from a defensive class.
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Text Battle - Version 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Text Battle - Version 2   Text Battle - Version 2 EmptySun Feb 27, 2011 1:10 pm

Nice, when i make my java game i might make a class designer into it as well. I think it'll be out of game tho because it is easy to read text in plain text files using java.

I could technically make it be in game and save it in a text file as well (or a data file, but i see no need for encryption) but just an easy text edit style class maker works just fine for me.
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Text Battle - Version 2
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