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PostSubject: DS Homebrew   DS Homebrew EmptyThu Jul 29, 2010 12:29 am

I haven't made a whole lot, but what I have done is okay. I have two games.

Geometry Quiz was a project I made for my Geometry class within 7 days. Considering I didn't have any experience in coding and it was my first game, I thought I did fairly well. Later on, I realized how terrible the quiz was (considering it was done in the free version of DSGM and my limited experience), I recreated it with music and an easter egg.

Color of Memories is the better game of the two, if you can call a quiz about geometry a game. This game follows the storyline of a bunny named Billy, who has lost his memories. He realizes that the color is missing from the world he's in, and decides to try and get it back. As the player progresses through the game, color is added to the world, giving a sense of accomplishment as the player progresses. I made this game for the Easter Competition in the DSGM forums, and Billy The Bunny (as the game was once called; I realized how terrible it sounded) won. If you read through the thread I linked, remember that my username is KingdomH.

Has anyone else created DS Homebrew? I'd like to try out someone's games if they've made some. If it isn't DS Homebrew but you've still made a game, go ahead and share it in this thread. Be sure to mention what platform the game is for.
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PostSubject: Re: DS Homebrew   DS Homebrew EmptyWed Aug 11, 2010 1:52 am

This isn't illegal.

I don't own a NDS, so I obviously can't do this. Wink
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DS Homebrew
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