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 Extra Epic Cacti Farm

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Extra Epic Cacti Farm Empty
PostSubject: Extra Epic Cacti Farm   Extra Epic Cacti Farm EmptySat Apr 09, 2011 6:01 pm

The farm is currently uncompleted, and I am working on a time-lapse of it being built. When I am finished I will post that video.

I put the pictures in spoilers to save room.

Pic 1: Collection area

Pic 2: Uncompleted Floor

Pic 3: Completed floor

Pic 4: Above view

Now, I will explain to you how I did it so that you can do it too. First, I strip mined an 8x8 hole down to about 5 blocks above the bedrock. Then, I dedicated a 3x3 space in the SW corner to traveling up and down out of the hole (south-west corner glitch for going up, 4 block deep water pool for jumping down.) Then, I dug into one wall to make my staircase for traveling slowly from level to level so my hole actually ends up being an 8x8.75 hole.

My bottom floor is dedicated to an unlimited water fountain for repeated use and the collection point for all of the cacti.

The actual cactus farm is rather minute, each floor having 3 blocks of room to work with, floors are made every 4th block up.

I use the automatic cacti harvesting method using a block diagonally up to the left and right of all of my cacti blocks.

Due to the 3x3 area for travelling up and down, there are only 10 cacti per floor (having so many floors makes up for it.)

Each cacti is mounted on a block of sand placed on top of the floor so that irrigation works correctly. I flow my water alternating sides, first cacti floor water goes down the one side, then the next floor going down the opposite.

One wall is slightly dug into on each floor so that two of the cacti can fit (it also helps with irrigation.)

Current Progress:
Cacti Floors 5
Growing Cacti 50

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Extra Epic Cacti Farm
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