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 Spudzes' superior Pokemon team.

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Spudzes' superior Pokemon team. Empty
PostSubject: Spudzes' superior Pokemon team.   Spudzes' superior Pokemon team. EmptyThu Jul 28, 2011 12:55 pm

Only read spoilers if your pro.
This team has beaten over 700 trainers.

Skarmory- The set-up bird
Stealth rock
Brave bird
Heres how you use this epic bird.
Set up stealth rock then spikes and then if they set up the custap berry will make you go first and you can either whirlwind or brave bird.

Chansey- The wall
Seismic toss
Thunder wave
Only use this as a special wall, it dies to physical. Use thunder wave to make them slow then softboil the damage back. Then just switch between seismic toss and softboil. If your team are all paralysed or something aromatherapy will help.

Gliscor- The tank
Fling(poisons them)
Protect (to stall)
On the first turn you need to use protect so poison takes effect. Then you fling to poison the enemy. Then acrobatics or earthquake. You can also make them die from poison by using protect.

Blaziken- The sweeper
Swords dance
Fire punch
The heart of my team and the main hitter. You use swords dance accordingly then just sweep. They shouldn't have sturdy or sashes due to my stealth rock and spikes (see what they're for now?)

Weezing- The stat killer
Attract =P
Clear smog (deletes oppoments stat changes)
Sludge bomb
Pain split
You attract if you can then sludge bomb/clear smog if they have stats. Then you hope for crits and poison. If your health get low and they're still pretty high use pain split to get it back and hurt them at the same time.

Espeon- The right-back-in-your-face thing
Detect (after yawn)
Psyshock (to hit chanseys and special walls)
Shadow ball (I don't know why)
On the first turn if they send out a stealth rocker/toxic spiker/ any other status moves that annoy me I just switch and bounce it back in their face. Its also really good for taking down threats with yawn then detect. It also kills chanseys and blisseys.

If you need any help with a pokemon moveset just ask me on this topic. In fact you can ask me anything pokemon related. I can even make a magikarp that can sweep.
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Spudzes' superior Pokemon team.
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