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 Chatbox Rules

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Chatbox Rules Empty
PostSubject: Chatbox Rules   Chatbox Rules EmptyWed Aug 04, 2010 4:09 pm

1. All forum rules apply to the chatbox.

2. Do not flood the chatbox. This means posting incredibly large pictures or flooding with characters.

3. Make it possible to read your posts. Do not use bold, underline, or crossout unless for comical reasons. This also goes for colors. Do not use "invisible" (#222222) text.

4. Do not link users to pornographic or illegal sites. This results in an automatic ban from the chatbox and possibly the forums.

5. Don't try to forcibly change the subject at hand. The subject is clearly being discussed for a reason, whether it is important or it is just a fun subject. When it dies down, you can try to change the subject.

6. There may be more than one subject in the chatbox at once as there is no PM feature. Please keep track of who is saying what. This can be made easier with text colors.

7. No flash.

8. Just have fun. The chatbox is here so that users can easily talk to each other and not spam the forums with smaller and irrelevant posts.

Rules can be changed without notice and can be added upon in the future. Please check these rules from time to time, as well as the Forum Rules, for possible changes.
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Chatbox Rules
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