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 Minecraft Snaphot 13w16a (VERY IMPORTANT SNAPSHOT)

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Minecraft Snaphot 13w16a (VERY IMPORTANT SNAPSHOT) Empty
PostSubject: Minecraft Snaphot 13w16a (VERY IMPORTANT SNAPSHOT)   Minecraft Snaphot 13w16a (VERY IMPORTANT SNAPSHOT) EmptySat Apr 20, 2013 11:42 am

This place is almost dead, but goddamn I need a place to brag about how cool this snapshot is.

13w16a adds:
Carpets made of wool
Haybales (isn't named in the creative menu but it's there)
Leashes/leads to lead passive mobs around (same as above)
Respiration Enchantment now helps you see underwater
LSHIFT is now the only way to get off a ridden mob
A new MC Launcher
Animated textures without a patcher

But most importantly:


Wall of text incoming:

The horses also have a chance to spawn as donkeys, and the horses/donkeys have different types, just like ocelots/cats. You can tame them by right-clicking them with an empty hand (which mounts them), and while they're trying to throw you off, switching to wheat, apples or sugar and right-clicking like a psych patient. Once they're tamed, you can get off them, put a Horse Saddle (NEW ITEM!) on them just like you would put a normal saddle on a pig, which allows you to control where they go. You can also put Horse Armour (ANOTHER NEW ITEM!) (Note: Donkeys cannot wear armour) on them made from Iron, Gold or Diamond, which gives them protection, and you can also use the leashes on any passive mob (except bats) by right clicking to lead them about. If you want an mob to stay in an area while you look around, you can put down either normal wooden fence or Nether Brick fence, and by right clicking on the fence with the leash out, you will tie the mob to the fence. The horses can also jump, and they can jump pretty high - holding down the space bar longer before releasing it can make it jump higher. I can't confirm it, but I do believe that jump height differs between horses or horse types, with jump heights as high as 5 blocks being experienced by others. Breeding them works by feeding them wheat, while on them and they're tamed, and of course, having two horses/two donkeys breed will produce a foal. A horse and a donkey breeding will actually produce a mule, which cannot breed or wear armour, but is still a nice touch. A funny glitch that can be done is pressing F1 (or FN+F1 if you have one of those keyboards), drinking an invisibility potion and then pressing F5/FN+F5, which will make it look like you are the horse. Very useful for fooling people in MP. You can also make the foals grow bigger with Golden Apples, Wheat and Sugar (Golden Apples make them grow bigger faster than the wheat which makes them bigger faster than the sugar). You can also put chests on the donkeys, but you cannot access them. And finally, it is not implemented yet, but judging from files, there are also going to be hostile skeleton horses and zombie horses.

Phew...I think that's all...where's my inhaler...

EDIT: I have discovered you can put more than one mob on one leash. Useful if you're an animal Persson (geddit?).
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Minecraft Snaphot 13w16a (VERY IMPORTANT SNAPSHOT) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Minecraft Snaphot 13w16a (VERY IMPORTANT SNAPSHOT)   Minecraft Snaphot 13w16a (VERY IMPORTANT SNAPSHOT) EmptyMon Jul 08, 2013 1:56 pm

The update sucked. I miss me grass block, and... what's up with the new TC forum text? It's completely white, instead of the forum black.
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Minecraft Snaphot 13w16a (VERY IMPORTANT SNAPSHOT)
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