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 Actually making music

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Actually making music Empty
PostSubject: Actually making music   Actually making music EmptyWed Aug 02, 2017 1:05 am

I've been experimenting a bit with music and I've got two things out on my Bandcamp (under the name Trai Nouveau) - a crappy little gothic vaporwave-y synthwave-y thing, Wolf Club, and a noise track, Zdravstvuyte, that I regard MUCH higher. Here's the link, I'd appreciate if anyone seeing this checked them out. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

So far I play guitars (regular and bass) and harmonica (not actually used that in a proper recording yet), I'm experimenting with production and vocals, and I'm probably gonna look at getting a synth (probably in keytar form, but I'm not picky) and/or drum machine soon. Hopefully I can make a career out of this.

So far all I've done have been one-off experiments, I'd like to see what I can do making a "typical" song w/ proper vocals/drums/etc, but I admit I've had a LOT of fun making that noise track. Dunno what genre I really wanna make music in the most, though...I love too much music to narrow it down.
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Actually making music
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